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2009 Standards Bulletins

Standards Bulletin 2009-01 (CAN/ULC-S301-09-EN), Signal Receiving Centre Burglar Alarm Systems and Operations

Standards Bulletin 2009-02 (CAN/ULC-60900-09-EN), Hand Tools for Live Working up to 1000 V a.c. & 1500 V d.c.

Standards Bulletin 2009-03 (CAN/ULC-60832-09-EN), Insulating Poles (insulating sticks) and universal tool attachments (fittings) for live working

Standards Bulletin 2009-04 (CAN/ULC-61235-09-EN) Live Working – Insulating Hollow Tubes for Electrical Purposes

Standards Bulletin 2009-05 (CAN/ULC-S702-09-EN) Standard for Mineral Fibre Thermal Insulation for Buildings

Standards Bulletin 2009-06 (CAN/ULC-S716.1-09-EN) Standard for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) – Materials and Systems

Standards Bulletin 2009-07 (CAN/ULC-60743-09-EN), Live Working — Terminology for Tools, Equipment and Devices

Standards Bulletin 2009-08 (CAN/ULC-61230-09-EN), Live Working — Portable Equipment for Grounding and Bonding

Standards Bulletin 2009-09 (CAN/ULC-61236-09-EN), Saddles, Pole Clamps (Stick Clamps) and Accessories for Live Working

Standards Bulletin 2009-10 (CAN/ULC-61278-03-EN) Live Working – Guidelines for the Development od Dielectric Testing of Tools and Equipment

Standards Bulletin 2009-11 (CAN/ULC-60855-09-EN), Insulating Foam-Filles Tubes & Solid Rods for Live Working

Standards Bulletin 2009-12 (CAN/ULC-S543-09-EN), Standard for Internal Lug Quick-Connect Couplings for Fire Hose

Standards Bulletin 2009-13 (CAN/ULC-S503-05-AM2-EN), Standard for Carbon-Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Standards Bulletin 2009-14 (CAN/ULC-S504-02-AM3-EN), Standard for Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Standards Bulletin 2009-15 (CAN/ULC-S508-02-AM3-EN), Standard for the Rating and Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers

Standards Bulletin 2009-16 (CAN/ULC-S774-09-EN), Standard Laboratory Guide for the Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Polyurethane Foam

Standards Bulletin 2009-17 (CAN/ULC-61229-09-EN), Rigid Protective Covers for Live Working on a.c. Installations

Standards Bulletin 2009-18 (ULC-S636-08-EN), Interpretation of Clause 4.7, Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems

Standards Bulletin 2009-19 (CAN/ULC-62237-09-EN), Live Working – Insulating Hoses with Fittings for Use with Hydraulic Tools and Equipment

Standards Bulletin 2009-20 (CAN/ULC-60903-09-EN), Live Working – Gloves of Insulating Material

Standards Bulletin 2009-21 (CAN/ULC-S144-09-EN), Standard Method of Fire Resistance Test – Grease Duct Assemblies

Standards Bulletin 2009-22 (CAN/ULC-S143-09-EN), Standard Method of Fire Tests for Non-Metallic Electrical and Optical Fibre Cable Raceway Systems

Standards Bulletin 2009-23 (CAN/ULC-S103-09-EN), Standard Specification for “Tin-Clad” Fire Doors meeting the Performance required by CAN/ULC-S104

Standards Bulletin 2009-24 (CAN/ULC-S319-05-EN), Notice of Partial Deferral on the First Edition of CAN/ULC-S319-05, Electronic Access Control Systems

Standards Bulletin 2009-25 (CAN/ULC-S773-09-EN), Standard for Thermal Insulation Terminology

Standards Bulletin 2009-26 (CAN/ULC-60895-09-EN), Live Working – Conductive Clothing for Use at Nominal Voltage up to 800 kV a.c. and +/-600 kV d.c.

Standards Bulletin 2009-27 (CAN/ULC-61328-09-EN), Live Working – Guidelines for the Installation of Transmission Line Conductors and Earthwires – Stringing Equipment and Accessory Items

Standards Bulletin 2009-28 (CAN/ULC-61243-2-09-EN), Live Working – Voltage Detectors – Part 2: Resistive Type to be Used for Voltages of 1 kV to 36 kV a.c.

Standards Bulletin 2009-29 (CAN/ULC-S620-07 Amendment 1), Standard for Hose Nozzle Valves for Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Standards Bulletin 2009-30 (CAN/ULC-S105-09-EN), Standard Specification for Fire Door Frames Meeting the Performance Required by CAN/ULC-S104

Standards Bulletin 2009-31 (ULC-S529-09-EN), Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems

Standards Bulletin 2009-32 (CAN/ULC-S130-09-EN), Standard Method of Test for Ignition Resistance of Loose Fill Insulation (Cigarette Method)

Standards Bulletin 2009-33 (CAN/ULC-S662-09-EN), Standard for Factory-Built Grease Ducts

Standards Bulletin 2009-34 (CAN/ULC-S770-09-EN), Standard Test Method for Determination of Long-Term Thermal Resistance of Closed-Cell Thermal Insulating Foams

Standards Bulletin 2009-35 (CAN/ULC-S548-08-EN), Devices and Accessories for Water Type Extinguishing Systems

Standards Bulletin 2009-36 (CAN/ULC-62193-09-EN), Live Working – Telescopic Sticks and Telescopic Measuring Sticks

Standards Bulletin 2009-37 (CAN/ULC-62192-09-EN), Live Working – Insulating Ropes

Standards Bulletin 2009-38 (CAN/ULC-61112-09-EN), Live Working – Electrical Insulating Blankets

Standards Bulletin 2009-39 (CAN/ULC-S706-09-EN), Standard for Wood Fibre Insulating Boards for Buildings

Standards Bulletin 2009-40 (CAN/ULC-61482-1-1-09-EN), Live Working – Protective Clothing Against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc – Part 1-1: Test methods – Method 1: Determination of the Arc Rating (ATPV or EBT50) of Flame Resistant Materials for Clothing

Standards Bulletin 2009-41 (CAN/ULC-61482-2-09-EN), Live Working – Protective Clothing Against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc – Part 2: Requirements

Standards Bulletin 2009-42 (CAN/ULC-S703-09-EN), Standard for Cellulose Fibre Insulation for Buildings