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Boiler Assemblies Certified for Canada

Gas-fired packaged boiler assemblies Certified for Canada are typically used in residential applications or within commercial or industrial facilities. These boiler assemblies are to be installed in accordance with the markings on the equipment and the installation instructions. This information may include instructions pertaining to clearances, types of adjacent surfaces, and proper vent installation, in addition to local codes.

Commercial Industrial packaged gas-fired boilers have been historically evaluated to CSA/CAN1-3.1, “Industrial and Commercial Gas-Fired Package Boilers.” In the first quarter of 2020, notification was provided to the Standards Council of Canada by the proprietary Standards Development Organization (SDO) announcing the withdrawal of CSA/CAN1-3.1, and subsequently informing industry that certification to this document should be finalized by the spring of 2022.

As a result UL has been working with stakeholders such as the Canadian Boiler Society and the applicable Regulatory Authorities to develop an interim technical document, known as an Other Recognized Document (ORD), to ensure certification of these products will not be interrupted. ULC/ORD-C795 “Commercial-Industrial Gas-Fired Package Boilers” was developed using UL795 “Industrial-Commercial Gas Heating Equipment” as a guide and will provide manufactures of Commercial Industrial Packaged Boiler Assemblies a relatively seamless transition to the new requirements. These new requirements will be similar to the former requirements with added emphasis on the inherent and functional safety of new control technologies utilized in the boiler industry.

UL anticipates publication of ULC/ORD-C795 by early in the second quarter of 2021.  Most boilers currently certified to CAN1-3.1 and UL 795 will also be in compliance with the newly developed ORD (Other Recognized Document). Continued development towards the publication of a new joint Canada-U.S. National Standard is ongoing in parallel.  Additional information regarding the development of the standard can be found here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to participate in one of UL’s standards development programs.