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ULC Mark Product Certification

The following information pertains to Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc.(henceforth referred to as ULC on this page) as a product certification body that fulfills the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065.  The ULC product certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

ULC operates under its own authority as an independent, nongovernmental organization.

ULC is financially funded by the fees it charges manufacturers of the products submitted for certification. Fees are charged for the initial evaluation process, as well as ongoing maintenance fees for Follow-Up Service.

The associated rights and responsibilities of ULC and manufacturers are detailed in the various contractual agreements that must be executed prior to initiating the certification process. Additional information is available on the Submittal Process page.

A formal Appeals Process is available to applicants to address questions concerning interpretations and decisions made by ULC concerning submitted products. An appeal can be initiated by contacting customer service or the engineer that was involved with the project. A Product Incident Reports system is also available for reporting safety-related problems with certified products.

General information about the Canadian Safety Scheme is provided below along with a description of the associated mark(s).

ULC Mark Safety Scheme

This scheme may also be referred to in some historical texts as the ULC Listing, Classification, and Recognition Program. In this scheme, tangible products are certified to requirements for safety that are associated with fire, shock and casualty hazards, and that are consistent with technical and legal requirements of the Canadian market. Samples of products are tested, inspected, examined and otherwise evaluated to gather information that demonstrates the product fulfills applicable requirements. Fulfillment of all applicable requirements must be demonstrated before authorization is granted to apply a certification mark used in this scheme. Visits to factories that apply marks to products certified in this scheme are completed periodically to verify product and production characteristics as an assurance the original demonstration of fulfillment of requirements continues to be valid. For some products, factory samples are selected for retesting. Changes to certified products are considered and, if needed, additional tests, inspections, examinations or other evaluations are completed to demonstrate the product continues to fulfill requirements and authorization to apply a mark can continue. Unresolved noncompliances with requirements results in termination of authorization to apply the mark. Use of the mark can also be terminated voluntarily.

The marks shown and explained below are owned and controlled by ULC, and used to indicate a product has been certified using the Canadian Safety Scheme. A directory of certified products is available online via the Online Certifications Directory, however, only products bearing the mark are certified.



The traditional ULC Listing Mark consists of four required elements:

•           ULC in a circle symbol

•           The word LISTED

•           Product name or company name/file number

•           Issue/serial number or alphanumeric control number