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Field Evaluations for Gas-fired Equipment – B149.3 Gas Code

ULC’s Field Evaluation Program provides you the convenience of having your gas-fired equipment evaluated at the installation site. You can have  your equipment pre-evaluated at the location of your choice with the final inspection taking place at the installation site.

While Field Evaluation is not meant to replace regular certification, ULC designed this program specifically for gas-fired equipment that is “one of a kind” and for gas-fired equipment that is produced in limited quantities and not covered under the scope of a full certification standard. ULC Field Evaluation provides a one-time evaluation of specific gas-fired equipment, and once the equipment meets the requirements of the B149.3 Gas Code, the serialized ULC Gas Field Evaluation Label will be applied right away. You will also receive the final report to satisfy the local authorities!

The ULC Gas Field Evaluation Label and final report provide you with the proof of compliance the local authorities require you to have before the equipment can be used.  Most importantly, ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and the ULC Field Evaluation Label is recognized and accepted by many Canadian Gas Authorities.  When you work with ULC,  you are working with an agency that has 100 years of experience working for public safety in Canada!

The B149.3 Gas Code – What you need to know

The B149.3 Gas Code specifies the minimum requirements for all fuel-related components to ensure the safety for gas-fired equipment, while addressing potential hazards to the public and property. The Field Evaluation includes an assessment of the compliance to the mandatory constructional requirements, as well as the witness of critical safety devices function tests. The required tests vary depending on the type of equipment and the installation location.  The final inspection must be at the site of installation and we can evaluate the equipment prior to installation.

When to consider ULC Field Evaluation in Canada
  • Relocating previously field approved appliances
  • You are developing a new product where a dedicated safety standard does not exist and want to assess if your product meets the applicable safety requirements.
  • Fuel train or control system upgrade completed on a previously approved or certified appliance
  • There is no existing certification standard that applies to your product.
Types of Gas-fired Equipment that qualify for ULC Field Evaluation

Many types of gas-fired equipment are eligible for Field Evaluation, if there is no full certification standard covering the specific type of equipment. These include:

  • Appliances or equipment that burn gas like fire-tube heaters, process heaters, engines/turbines, flare pilots, and incinerators
  • Stationary gas appliances
  • Some types of mobile equipment upon permission by AHJs
Why ULC Field Evaluation is the best option in Canada
  • Fast service and turnaround time – The ULC team can be onsite in a timely manner. We work closely with you and the local authorities (AHJs) to meet your tight deadline.
  • Technical expertise – The ULC team has vast experience and a network of support for all types of gas-fired equipment. With team members actively engaged with the B149.3 technical committee we know the B149.3 Gas Code requirements inside out!
  • Technical support – The ULC team will provide you with technical support throughout the process to ensure that your equipment meets the requirements.
  • Building Trust in Safety – Your product will display North America’s most accepted safety mark.
  • Canadian Gas Authorities know, trust and accept the ULC Gas Field Evaluation Label.
  • Working in Canada for 100 years! Working for a safer world!

Contact us today to discuss your project and how ULC can help you meet the requirements demanded by the gas authorities across Canada.