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On-Demand Webinars

Below you will find a list of complimentary webinars, presented by our industry experts,  created specifically for the Building Envelope community.  You can access these at anytime from your computer.

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Building Envelope Fundamentals Series

Building Science is constantly evolving, punctuated by the current challenges we face: energy efficiency, adaptation to climate change, sustainability, building conservation and rehabilitation.  The materials and techniques are sophisticated, of course, and more and more efficient.  But still it is necessary to control them.

To this end, UL has developed a series of webinars that will respond to both the fundamental requirements of building practice and the contemporary issues of building science, using an interactive and dynamic approach to understanding, knowing, integrating and performing.

Part 1: Environment, Climate and Requirements

The fundamentals of the building envelope, and more specifically:

  • The environment and the solicitation exerted on the envelope;
  • The way in which the building envelope is articulated;
  • The requirements to be met by the envelope.

Part 2: Physical Principals

The fundamental physical principles that govern the phenomena found in the building envelope in relation to water, air, moisture and heat, as well as certain notions relating to the behavior of fire and noise in the envelope

Part 3: Tightness Plans, Codes, Standards and Procedure

Different fundamental principles, proposing in the form of tightness plans, the various control mechanisms of the building envelope and implementation modalities. The webinar covers both the organization of assemblies, the codes and standards that manage them, as well as the available envelope assessment tools.

Part 4: Typology, Assembly and Materials of the Envelope

The fourth webinar will integrate the different traditional, current and innovative building envelope design approaches, according to the solicitations and requirements that have already been discussed during the training sessions. Assembly materials and their properties will be discussed to familiarize themselves with their advantages and limitations.

Part 5: Condition, Performance, Conservation and Innovation

Performance and sustainability of the building envelope throughout its life cycle. The topics of efficiency and innovation are covered, as well as the deterioration, aging and rehabilitation of buildings. This webinar address the major conservation issues and the strategies currently being put forward in this regard.

Testing Rainscreens to AAMA 508 & AAMA 509

The purpose of this free 60-minute recorded webinar is to educate manufacturers, architects/ specifiers, as well AHJ’s and the building inspection community, about the differences between rainscreen systems, and how they are tested within a laboratory environment.