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Sales of ULC Standards Materials

As of April 2022, ULC Standards employs a new designation format for its standards. To learn more, visit

ULC publishes standards, other recognized documents (ORDs) and Listing directories. These are all available from the ULC Online Store. For our standards and ORDs we also have Other resellers.

ULC Online Store 

  • PDF and Hard copy of ULC standards and ORDs available
  • Hard copy editions of ULC Building Materials, Fire Resistance and Fire Stop Listing Directories
  • CD versions of all ULC Listing Directories or for Fire Protection, HVAC, and Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems and Components
  • Online payment is accepted by VISA and MasterCard

Other resellers

(1) UL Standards Store

  • Digital View of Standards available
  • PDF and Hard copy of ULC standards and ORDs available
  • Shop UL Standards can be reached toll free at 1-888-853-3503 from the United States or Canada or by email at

(2) Orderline 

  • PDF and Hard copy of ULC standards and ORDs available
  • Orderline can be reached toll free at 1-888-361-0003

(3) Information Handling Services (IHS)

  • Offers ULC standards and ORDs by subscription and collections
  • IHS can be reached at 1-303-397-7904 or toll free at 1-800-252-7052

Special orders

Special Order procedures are in place for out of print documents or for clients wishing to issue payment directly to ULC Standards.

Important – Please read before ordering

All sales are final. No returns will be accepted, please ensure you have selected the correct publication(s). Canadian orders are subject to HST (as applicable).

Shipping and Handling charges apply to all special orders. All orders are shipped via UPS. If you have any questions, please contact or our Customer Service line at 1-866-937-3852.

NOTE – Special orders are subject to an additional handling fee.

Submit Special Order request to

A quotation will be issued and we ask that payment along with the quotation be mailed to the following address for processing:

ULC Standards
171 Nepean Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0B4
Attn: Publications Department

NOTE – Cheques or Money orders to be payable to ULC Standards

If paying by VISA or Master Card, submit Order Request to or by fax to (613) 231-5977.

NOTE – Order requests are accepted subject to Credit Approval

A quotation and acknowledgement of Credit approval will be issued and ask that the approved quotation be mail to the following address for processing:

ULC Standards
171 Nepean Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0B4
Attn: Publications Department

Handling rates apply for Special Orders placed through the ULC Publications Department. They are as follows:

Shipped in Canada – $16.00* per copy

Shipped to the USA – $18.00* per copy

Shipped outside North America – $22.00* per copy

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.




Types of ULC publications

ULC Standards

What is a Standard?

A standard is a document established by consensus that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics for products, services or systems. Simple things we take for granted, from traffic signals to units of measurement, are the same from one place to another, thanks to standards.


What is an ORD?

Other Recognized Documents (ORDs) are documents developed when a Canadian recognized standard does not cover a new product to be certified. ORDs provide safety and performance criteria at an equivalent level to existing standards for products with similar functions. ORDs are developed by a certification organization and submitted to the regulatory councils in Canada, which are authorities having jurisdiction for the product or service to be certified. For unregulated industries, ORDs are submitted to the appropriate industry association(s) for consideration of acceptability prior to being used for certification. The development process for an ORD is usually faster than the development of a National Standard of Canada; typically 3 to 6 months, and is used to get new technologies to market quickly and safely. Certification of the product will not go forward until all ORD-related concerns of the regulators and others are addressed. The cost of development of an ORD is borne by the manufacturer or regulator requesting the ORD.

ULC Directories (Lists of Equipment and Materials)

What is a listing?

ULC Equipment and Materials Directories are invaluable resources, used to determine the correct application of a product or system. Directories contain the names of companies qualified to use a ULC Mark on products that comply with appropriate Canadian requirements.

Architects, engineers, specifiers, developers, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), purchasing agents and others turn to ULC’s Directories as a key resource to find Listed products that meet specific Building and Fire Code criteria, standards, and other important design information about products bearing the ULC Mark.

Having a product Listed in a ULC Directory instantly puts it in front of hundreds of key decision makers. ULC provides free online access to ULC Listings, in addition to publishing Listing directories and standards documents in print.

By providing several options, we are meeting our customers’ needs for effective and rapid access to information.

ULC Online Directories – Click Here to view ULC Listings and designs online.

UL Online Certifications Directory – Click Here to view UL Listings and designs online.

If you wish to put a link to our listings, please review our HYPERLINK AGREEMENT terms & conditions.