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Field Certification Services

ULC’s Field Certification program provides you the convenience of certifying products in the field or at the manufacturer’s location.
A one-time certification for small batch production or a specific number of units for a wide range of products

ULC designed the Field Certification program as a certification option for a wide range of products that are one of a kind or are produced in limited quantities.  While Field Certification is not meant to replace full certification, it provides a one-time certification. This program provides you the convenience of having your products certified at the location of your choice by a ULC technical expert.  The product is tested to the applicable standard and once the product meets the requirements of the applicable standard,  the ULC technical expert applies a serialized numbered “Field Certified” label to each unit.  And you will receive the final report to satisfy the local authorities across Canada.

When to Consider Field Certification for your New Equipment
  • You are a manufacturer, distributor or assembler of equipment that consists of certified components but overall equipment is not certified.
  • You are producing or have limited quantities or batches of product.
  • Your equipment is one of a kind or custom engineered.
  • Your equipment was UL listed but was modified.
  • Your equipment was inadvertently shipped without the UL certification mark.
  • Your equipment was installed without the UL certification mark.
  • Your equipment is installed in a classified area / hazardous location anywhere in Canada.
  • You have shipped, or installed the equipment at the final destination.
  • You are developing a new design and want to assess if your product meets the applicable safety requirements.
  • You may need full certification for a new product you are designing, but you first want to test market the product.
  • You ultimately want full certification, but would first like to ensure that your prototypes and test samples comply with the essential requirements before submitting for full certification.
The route to product acceptance by Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Field certified products, unlike fully certified products, are not listed in the UL directory and do not require factory follow-up inspections.

The ULC Field Certified label and final report provide you the proof of compliance the local authorities require you to have before the product can be used.

And most importantly, the ULC Field Certified label is recognized by and accepted by Canadian authorities and is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to ISO/IEC 17067.

You can rest assured that when you work with ULC, you are working with an agency that has 100 years of experience working for public safety in Canada.

Product categories eligible for Field Certification

A wide range of products for use within Canada must be approved and meet the Canadian safety requirements.  Your product does not necessarily need to go through the full product certification process. You may opt to have your products evaluated using ULC’s Field Certification Program including:

Fuel-Storage – Above-Ground Storage Tanks

Fire Protection – Fire Doors

Hazardous Locations Equipment

Industrial and Power Distribution Equipment:

  • Industrial Control Panels (ordinary and hazardous locations)
  • Industrial Motors
  • Isolating Switches and Interrupter Switches
  • Power Circuit Breakers

IT Equipment

Lighting and Similar Equipment

  • Lighting Fixtures and Luminaires
  • Outdoor Signs

Gas-Fired Equipment

  • Gas-fired Outdoor Heating Equipment
  • Grain Dryers
  • Industrial Boilers
Why choose ULC Field Certification Program
  • Fast service and turnaround time – The ULC team can be onsite within 24 hours. We work closely with you and the local authorities (AHJs) to meet your tight deadline.
  • Technical expertise – The ULC team has vast experience and we know the related standards and product requirements inside out!
  • Technical support – The ULC team will extend support throughout the process to ensure that your equipment meets the requirements.
  • Building Trust in Safety – Your product will display North America’s most recognized and accepted safety mark.
  • Canadian Authorities know, trust and accept the ULC Field Certified Label.
  • Working for a Safer World and in Canada for 100 years!

Contact us today to discuss your project and how ULC can help you meet the requirements.