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Anti-Counterfeiting Operations

Counterfeiting / Intellectual property crime remains a serious and growing issue in Canada and around the world.  The World Intellectual Property Organization estimates that counterfeit goods account for hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. Counterfeiting is not only responsible for tremendous losses to government revenues and the legitimate Canadian economy, but also poses serious threats to the health and safety of Canadian consumers.   ULC and UL continue to invest significant resources and take a zero tolerance stance on this critical issue.

The mission of our anti-counterfeiting program is three-fold – first and foremost, to protect the safety of consumers around the world from the hazards of counterfeit electrical products; secondly, to preserve the integrity of UL’s family of Marks, and finally, to provide additional value to the legitimate, responsible manufacturers that have invested the time and resources to meet our safety standards.

We continue to work actively with regulators, consumers, retailers, manufacturers and the RCMP to ensure that counterfeit products are promptly removed from the supply chain. Our activities are extensive and include:

  • Investigations around the world
  • Retail surveys
  • Training / education
  • Industry partnerships

to name but a few…..

We also actively participate and contribute our expertise globally in key organizations in the fight against counterfeiting and intellectual property crimes, for example:


World Customs Organization (WCO)

International AntiCounterfeiting Coalitions (IACC)

Canadian Anti-counterfeiting Network (CACN)

To find out if your product is listed use our on-line directories:

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UL Directory

If you suspect a product displaying one of our Marks then please contact us directly through one of the following options:

Customer Service

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