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Certification Program for Fire Extinguisher Service Agencies

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The Certification Program for Fire Extinguisher Service Agencies applies to all organizations who service ULC labelled portable fire extinguishers, including companies who service their own equipment. The program is aimed at investigating the capability of the Service Agency, and examines serviced extinguishers to determine that they have been serviced in conformance with the applicable requirements of CAN/ULC-S532, Standard for the Regulation of the Servicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers. The certification program includes a follow-up program aimed at establishing the continuity of acceptable servicing procedures.

Service Agencies listed by UL Canada receive an automatic listing in our Product iQ Database, in addition Service Agencies receive access to free ULC Standards.

Extinguisher Service Categories

Four categories of Extinguisher Service are available as follows:

  • Category 1: Full extinguisher service including shop servicing of all types of extinguishers, hydrostatic retesting to TC requirements, reclaiming of Halon 1211, and annual maintenance field inspections.
  • Category 2: Extinguisher service as in Category 1, but excluding hydrostatic retesting to TC requirements or Halon Extinguisher Service.
  • Category 3: Recharging and annual maintenance field inspections of specific types of extinguishers only, excluding hydrostatic retesting.
  • Category 4: Annual maintenance field inspections only of extinguishers owned or insured by the service agency.  (The Alberta Government does not recognize this category of service).

* For the purpose of this program, “service” means any procedure in which the extinguisher is annually inspected, recharged, hydrostatically tested or repaired.

This program does not provide for the direct licensing of individuals employed by the service agencies or assess or confirm the adequacy of installation or distribution of the extinguishers being serviced.

For additional information please contact: Sandy Leva 416-988-4087, or email for more information.