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2023 Certification Bulletins

Certification Bulletin 2023-05 – Changes to the Alarm Response Guard Company Certificate Service Program

Certification Bulletin 2023-04 – Standards Adoption for ULC Certificate Service Programs

Certification Bulletin 2023-03 – ULC/ORD-C1058.18, Servicing of Halon and Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems has been superseded by CAN/ULC-S593: 2021

Certification Bulletin 2023-02 – ULC/ORD-C1254.18, Servicing of Restaurant Cooking Area Extinguishing Systems has been superseded by CAN/ULC-S594: 2021

Certification Bulletin 2023-01 – Authorized Subcontractor Service and Remote Corporation Technician Location Registry Programs Addition of Shared Service Listing Types Within the Proprietary Category of the Protective Signalling Systems Certificate Services Program