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2021 Certification Bulletins

Certification Bulletin 2021 09(ENG) ULC ORD C142.14(Superseded) ULC/ORD-C142.14 Nonmetallic Bulk Containers for the Storage and Dispensing of Combustible and Non-Combustible Liquids has been Superseded by ANSI/CAN/ULC-2152:2021

Information Bulletin 2021 08(ENG) CAN ULC S515 Quebec MSP Guide  Announcement of change to the service offering in accordance with the Québec MSP Guide

Information Bulletin 2021 07(ENG) CAN ULC S515 (VIP S515) Vehicle Inspection Program – S515 (VIP-S515)

Certification Bulletin 2021 06(ENG) ULC ORD C263.1(Superseded) ULC/ORD-C263.1 Sprinkler-Protected Window Systems has been Superseded by CAN/ULC-S136:2021

Certification Bulletin 2021 05(ENG) ULC ORD C795(2021) ULC/ORD-C795 (2021) First Edition – Commercial – Industrial Gas – Fired Package Boilers

Certification Bulletin 2021 04(ENG) ULC ORD C448 (Superseded) ULC/ORD-C448, Guide for the Investigation of Pumps for Fire Protection Service has been superseded by ANSI/CAN/UL 448:2020

Certification Bulletin 2021 03(ENG) ULC ORD C567 (Superseded) ULC/ORD-C567-74, Guide for the Investigation of Pipe Connectors for Flammable Liquids and LP-Gas has been superseded by ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 567

Certification Bulletin 2021 02(ENG) ULC ORD C144 (Superseded) ULC/ORD-C144, Guide for the Investigation of Pressure Regulating Valves has been superseded by ANSI/CAN/UL144

Certification Bulletin 2021 01(ENG)CAN ULC S1981 2020  First Edition of CAN/ULC-S1981:2020, STANDARD FOR SIGNAL RECEIVING CENTRES AUTOMATION SYSTEM