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2021 Certification Bulletins

Certification Bulletin 2021 05(ENG) ULC ORD C795(2021) ULC/ORD-C795 (2021) First Edition – Commercial – Industrial Gas – Fired Package Boilers

Certification Bulletin 2021 04(ENG) ULC ORD C448 (Superseded) ULC/ORD-C448, Guide for the Investigation of Pumps for Fire Protection Service has been superseded by ANSI/CAN/UL 448:2020

Certification Bulletin 2021 03(ENG) ULC ORD C567 (Superseded) ULC/ORD-C567-74, Guide for the Investigation of Pipe Connectors for Flammable Liquids and LP-Gas has been superseded by ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 567

Certification Bulletin 2021 02(ENG) ULC ORD C144 (Superseded) ULC/ORD-C144, Guide for the Investigation of Pressure Regulating Valves has been superseded by ANSI/CAN/UL144

Certification Bulletin 2021 01(ENG)CAN ULC S1981 2020  First Edition of CAN/ULC-S1981:2020, STANDARD FOR SIGNAL RECEIVING CENTRES AUTOMATION SYSTEM