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2013 Certification Bulletins

Certification Bulletin 2013-01ENG-ULC-ORD-C100 Second Edition-ULC/ORD-C100-13-Smoke Control System Equipment

Certification Bulletin 2013-02ENG-ULC-ORD-C2775 First Edition -ULC/ORD-C2775-12 Fixed Condensed Aerosol Extinguishing System Units

Certification Bulletin 2013-03ENG-ULC-ORD-C1349 First Edition-ULC/ORD-C1349-13-Guide for The Investigation of L-P Gas Vaporizers

Certification Bulletin 2013-04ENG-ULC-S139 Interim Program Announcement ULC-S139-00, 1st Edition of the Standard Method of Fire Test for Evaluation of Integrity of Electrical Cables

Information Bulletin 2013-05ENG-ULC-ORD-C1703 Reaffirmation of First Edition-ULC/ORD-C1703-Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels

Information Bulletin 2013-06ENG-FSRC-02 Republication of First Edition – Redbook FSRC-C02-Fire Risk Analysis -Rating System

Certification Bulletin 2013-07ENG Withdrawal ULC-ORD-C48.1-01 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C48.1-01, Installation of Field Assemble Skeletal Neon Signs and Outdoor Lighting

Certification Bulletin 2013-08ENG-ULC-S515 Effective Date Announcement -CAN/ULC-S515-13, 3rd Edition of the Standard for Automobile Fire Fighting Apparatus

Certification Bulletin 2013-09ENG-ULC-ORD-S529A First Edition – ULC/ORD-C529A-13 Video Image Smoke Detection System Devices

Certification Bulletin 2013-10ENGFirst Edition-ULC/ORD-C2162 Commercial Wood-Fired Baking Ovens-Refractory Type

Certification Bulletin 2013-11ENG-ULC-S561-13 Effective Date Announcement -CAN/ULC-S561-13, 2nd Edition of the Standard for Installation and Services for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems

Certification Bulletin 2013-12ENG-UL & ULC -Safety Markings Clarification of Requirements for Products Certified for Canada Bilingual Safety, Warning & Caution Markings

Certification Bulletin 2013-13ENGULCORDC2728-13 First Edition-ULC/ORD-C2728-13-Pellet Fuel Burning Cooking Appliances

Certification Bulletin 2013-14ENG-ULC-S661-10 CAN/ULC -S661-10, 1st Edition of the Standard for Overfill Protection Devices for Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storate Tanks

Certification Bulletin 2013-15ENG-ULC-S663-11 CAN/ULC-S663-11, 1st Edition of the Standard for Spill Containment Devices for Flammable and Combustible Liquids Aboveground Storage Tanks

Certification Bulletin 2013-16ENG-ULC-S545-02 2nd Edition of the Standard for Residential Fire Warning System Control Units

Certification Bulletin 2013-17ENG-ULC-ORD-C107.21-92 1st Edition of the Other Recognized Document for Under Dispenser Sumps