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Evaluation Reports

ULC certifications and ULC Evaluation Reports provide the technical foundation relied upon by architects, designers, contractors and code authorities to provide safe, code compliant installations.

Recognized by Canadian Building Code Authorities

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) have grown to depend on third-party product evaluation reports for technical evidence that alternative material, product, design or method of construction comply with the intent of the building codes. ULC’s technical experts have full involvement in the code development process and complete knowledge of the product and test standards referenced within the codes.

To view a list of current manufacturers Evaluation Reports, search the Product IQ Database – ULC Evaluation Reports Directory.

An invaluable tool for your innovative products

The ULC Evaluation Reports provide technical assessments and guidance to AHJs, architects, designers, contractors, installers and other Built Environment Influencers. The ULC Evaluation Reports are based on the requirements in the model installation codes, as well as other standardized requirements.

They serve as a bridge between product testing and code compliance where:

  • A new or innovative product is not included in the model building code
  • The model building code does not identify specific and clear requirements for the product
  • The model building code has multiple requirements for the product not covered by a single standard, or
  • The manufacturer of the product requires product data validation from a third party

Choose ULC for responsive and speedy service

We understand the importance of time to market for Building Materials and Systems and is here to help you get the Evaluation Reports that Canadian Code Authorities demand and trust.

  • Expedited service through single staff point of contact
  • No annual report renewals
    Reduced number of factory inspections
  • Greater efficiency when you combine ULC Evaluation Reports with ULC safety certification
  • Your products listed in the Canadian UL online directories and code correlation database

Serving the Canadian market for 100 years

Many ULC product safety certifications are within the built environment so working with ULC means you can rely on:

  • Extensive testing experience, a strong reputation for technical excellence, rigorous testing
  • Intimate knowledge of the product and test Standards referenced within the Codes

Contact us for more information.