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Glass Canada Podcast – Window Wall Testing

Thanks for listening to our podcast with Glass Canada! Below you’ll find more details on our window wall testing services and how to receive your project consultation.

Our mission is to help you, the built environment community, to achieve optimal performance of all your building envelope components and systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff understand the science behind the building envelope. We are committed to partnering with you to help you take your product from design conception to the global market. 

Our testing services help ensure performance of building envelope products, systems and structures, meet regulatory demands, and protect brand value.

Partners in the building materials and construction community – manufacturers, consultants, building owners and regulatory authorities – trust UL for the knowledge and expertise we provide.

For more details on our services, visit our Building Envelope Performance page.

Project Consultation

As a listener to the Glass Canada podcast we’d like to offer you a project consultation with our team of highly specialized professionals. Please contact Haya Soghrati at to book a discussion.

Want a place to start?

Visit our FAQ page, “The Journey to Market – Starting Down the Path to Fenestration Product Testing

If you have questions, we can help. Contact us below!