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Technical Time with UL

Providing brief moments of technical news and developments in the fenestration industry as they relate to safety and sustainability.

In partnership with Fenestration Canada, UL Canada is proud to present “Technical Time with UL” during Fenestration Canada’s podcast.

Below are links and information related to each episode of “Technical Time with UL”.  As more episodes go live this page will be updated so please come back often.

If you have any additional question, would like to talk about any of the information presented or would like to make a suggestion on a topic you’d like us to cover please contact: – Manager of Lab Testing Services – Marketing Lead Canada


Episode Information

UL Overview

Fenestration products, including windows, doors, curtain walls, and skylights, are designed to resist the impacts of fire, wind, rain, hail, extreme temperatures and much more. UL understands these challenges. We provide testing, verification, inspection and certification solutions for fenestration products to help you get compliant products to the market quickly. Read more on our Building Envelope Component and Systems Testing page.

Environmental Claim Validation

We provide third-party credibility to your single-attribute environmental claims and helping facilitate trust and confidence in manufacturers and customers.  Our claim validation program to validate your environmental program with your window or doors today!  Read more on our Environmental Claim program page.

Getting Ready for NAFS Testing

We covered a lot of information during this episode, including asking some key questions to consider prior to preparing for the test.  These can include:

  • What should my sample be?
  • How about side-hinged door? How are they tested and what about the locking hardware that I don’t supply?

Find more information on Testing services here.


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