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EN Testing Service for Intrusion and Fire Alarms

Helping reduce time to market in Europe

Entering the European market can be a slow, expensive process. Fortunately, UL offers EN testing services for intrusion and fire alarms and can help companies obtain the CE Mark quickly by conducting all tests in-house. With the CE Mark in hand, companies can enter most markets within the EU while VDS certification is being formalized.

Though requirements for market entry vary by country, most countries have minimum requirements in order to sell products. Many companies approach UL to get testing so they can self-declare their directive compliance in each market, but if jurisdictions require more than self-declaration, UL also offer testing that can lead to certification. Companies can also choose to accept the Telefication Mark based on UL testing. This approach is advantageous for a few reasons:

  • UL owns all of its testing facilities and conducts all tests – including shock and vibration – under one roof.
  • UL consolidates EN, CE Mark, and UL testing for faster results and, ultimately, reduced time to market.
  • The Telefication mark is recognized in most of the EU

CE Mark Testing

UL is capable of meeting all CE Mark requirements for EMC and Fire Alarm Services, including testing and the issuance of a notified body opinion against testing (where needed). Though intrusion alarms are not currently regulated by any directives, UL offers the following testing:

  • Fire Alarm Systems – EN 54 is legally mandated and the suite of standards that covers Fire Alarm systems is required by the Construction Products Regulation. UL tests to these standards and, as a result, helps companies achieve VDS certification faster.
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems – No regulations currently govern intrusion alarm systems, but systems must meet basic directives for Fire & Shock safety and EMC. Additionally, market and jurisdiction requirements may exists. Regardless, the Alarm Certification is not the same as the CE mark.

When UL conducts EN testing of intrusion alarm systems & fire alarm systems, you will receive:

  • Fast, reliable in-house testing
  • Test reports that can be provided to certifiers to speed the certification process
  • The ability to obtain the Telefication Mark based upon UL testing

The EN Standards (and related IEC Standards) for Intrusion Alarms and Fire Alarm Systems UL tests for include:

EN50130-4 IEC62599-2 Alarm Systems – EMC
EN50130-5 IEC62599-1 Alarm Systems – Environmental Test Methods
EN50131 series IEC62642 series Intrusion & Hold Up Alarm Services
EN50136 series IEC50136 series Alarm Systems – Alarm Transmission Systems & Equipment
EN60839-11-1 IEC60839-11-1 Electronic Access Control Systems
EN60950-1 IEC60950-1 Information Technology Equipment – Safety
EN60065 IEC60065 Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus – Safety
EN60529 IEC60529 Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures
EN60068 series IEC60068 series Environmental Testing – Tests