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UL Canada and the Legal Cannabis Industry

Safety, Security & Sustainability for the Legal Cannabis and Cannabidiol Industry

Your cannabis business is constantly evolving due to ever changing technology and multiple layers of regulatory requirements, both of which can impact your day-to-day operations.  As your business  evolves, how you ensure the safety, security, and sustainability of your organization and the people that run it is a key driver of your success.

For the past 100 years, UL Canada has been providing a full suite of safety services including advisory services, testing, certification, inspection, audit and training to a wide variety of industries.

We now provide the cannabis market access to this complete set of service solutions across the entire supply chain.  As a starting point, UL has published the first Standard developed specifically for the legalized cannabis industry in Canada – “Safety of Premises, Buildings and Equipment Utilized for the Cultivation, Production and Processing of Cannabis” (CAN/ULC-S4400).

This Standard provides guidance to ensure the safety and security of buildings, facilities, and equipment utilized in the growing, processing/extracting, distribution and selling of legal cannabis.  It contains three parts:

Part 1: Provides a minimum level of protection and safety of occupants, buildings and facilities, fire protection requirements and the means of egress. 

Part 2: Provides minimum requirements for devices, equipment, and systems against the risks of fire, electric shock, injury to persons and explosion.

Part 3: Provides minimum requirements for the security of premises from intrusion and infiltration, as well as considerations for secure access and safe egress.

How can UL help?

If you’re involved with Growing… 

UL Canada can help you with the safety and security aspects of your buildings, facilities and their environments so you can stay focused on your day-to-day operations.  Services offered can include:

  • Cannabis Facility Audit
  • Horticultural Lighting Testing and Certification
  • Security System Inspections
  • Fire Suppression Inspections

If you’re involved with Producing/Processing…

Your operation is focused on the “science” of the industry – which brings its own unique challenges.  In addition to our Cannabis Facility Audit helping your organization, UL Canada offers you:

  • GMP Audits
  • Seed-to-Sell traceability
  • Plant Oil Extracting Testing
  • HVAC/R Testing

If you’re involved with Distribution… 

Whether you’re transporting goods between facilities, from a production facility to a retail environment or you’re importing/exporting, a seed-to-sale chain of custody is required. UL Canada offers Supply Chain traceability programs as well as:

  • Cannabis Facility Audit
  • Fire and Security System Inspections
  • Video Security Inspections
  • Safe and Vault Inspections

If you’re involved with Retail…

Physical retail locations will need to have effective, visible physical and cyber security measures to instill trust. Online retailers require a clear cyber security plan to ensure customers are confident ordering your cannabis products from your website.  UL Canada provides the following programs:

  • Cannabis Facility Audit
  • Fire and Security Alarm Certification
  • Building Inspections
  • Video Security Inspections
  • Safe and Vault Inspections

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