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Cannabis Facility Audit

Our cannabis facility audit service helps businesses in the legal cannabis industry understand and navigate the regulations associated with operating a cannabis facility.

Overview of Cannabis Facility Audits

Standards and Regulations

As the legal cannabis market matures, the rules of engagement, standards and regulations will continue to shift. As a result, so will an organization’s ability to succeed.

The regulations, at all levels of government (federal, provincial/state and municipal), can be a challenge – starting with the application process all the way to receiving the start-up licenses to be in business in the legal cannabis industry. It can be difficult just to know where to start!

UL CAN/ULC-S4400: The Standard for Safety of Premises

UL understands this and has developed the cannabis facility audit, a holistic audit of a legal cannabis business that uses UL’s CAN/ULC-S4400, the Standard for Safety of Premises,

Buildings and Equipment Utilized for the Cultivation, Production and Processing of Cannabis, as the guide.

Think of it as a single resource audit program to assist you, every step of the way by enabling safety and security compliance for your cannabis business!

Who is the Cannabis Facility Audit for?

Legal cannabis facilities looking to apply for, have applied for or that have been issued with a license(s) under the cannabis local regulations to operate a cannabis facility and are looking for help understanding how to comply with the required regulations.

Why Will it Help my Business?

It aims to help you:

  • Address knowledge gaps in the regulatory framework that may be inhibiting success
  • Identify and address regulatory compliance risks that may exist at your cannabis facility
  • Provide the public with peace of mind on your facilities’ conditions and manage business costs and risks

Why UL for Your Cannabis Facility Audit?

With 125 years of advancing safety, security and sustainability by empowering trust, our trained teams will apply the requirements in the CAN/ULC-S4400 Standard to inspect a cannabis facility and confirm its compliance to not only cannabis regulations but also national and provincial/state codes, including building, fire and electrical.  UL helps provide end-to-end safety, security and sustainability solutions to the legal cannabis industry through our testing, inspection, certification, auditing and advisory services.

Leverage UL’s expertise to find the answers crucial to your success.

How to get started

To learn more about the cannabis facility audit, including the process, contact us today at 800.463.6852 or