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2011 Certification Bulletins

Certification_Bulletin_2011-01(ENG)-ULC-S110-07 Second Edition of CAN/ULC-S110-07 Standard Method of Tests for Air Ducts

Certification Bulletin 2011-02(ENG)-ULC-S646-10 Third Edition of the Standard for Exhaust Hoods and Related Controls for Commercial and Institutional Cooking Equipment

Certification Bulletin 2011-04(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C79.1 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C79.1-04, Manual Pumps For Use with Liquid Petroleum Fuels

Certification Bulletin 2011-05(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C142.15 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C142.15,Precast Concrete Tanks

Certification Bulletin 2011-06(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C142 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C142,Aboveground Used-Oil Systems

Certification Bulletin 2011-07(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C252 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C252,Guide for the Investigation of Gas Pressure Regulators

Certification Bulletin 2011-08(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C305 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C305,Panic Hardware

Certification Bulletin 2011-09(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C352 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C352-75, Guide for the Investigation of Constant-Level Oil Valves

Certification Bulletin 2011-10(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C525 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C525,Guide for the Investigation of Flame Arresters for Use on Vents of Storage Tanks for Petroleum Oil and Gasoline

Certification Bulletin 2011-11(ENG)-ITWTC Withdrawal of Certification Program for Tanks,Fuel, Portable, Plastic, Marine- Product Category ITWTC

Certification Bulletin 2011-15(ENG)-ULC-S531-02 Second Edition of the Standard for Smoke Alarms, CAN/ULC-S531-02, Including Amendment 1

Certification Bulletin 2011-16ENG-ULC-Subject 867 Change from Type L to Type R Service

Certification Bulletin 2011-18(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C420-11 Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for use in Lighting Products

Certification Bulletin 2011-20(ENG)-ULC-Subject 867 Change from Type L to Type R Service

Certification Bulletin 2011-21(ENG)-ULC-Subject 867 Label Marking Changes

Certification Bulletin 2011-22(ENG)-ULC-S319 Effective Date Extension Announcement