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2009 Certification Bulletins

Certification_Bulletin_2009-01-ULC-S636-08(ENG)Third Edition of the Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems, ULC-S636-08

Certification_Bulletin_2009-02-ULC-S652-08(ENG)Second Edition of the Standard for Tank Assemblies for the Collection,Storage and Removal of Used Oil, CAN/ULC-S652-08

Certification_Bulletin_2009-03(ENG)-ULC-Subject962 Survey on the need and requirements for an ORD on Thermal Heating Glass

Certification_Bulletin_2009-04(ENG)Secondary Containment Liners – Withdrawal of Certification Program and Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C58.9 – 1997

Certification_Bulletin_2009-05(ENG)First Draft,Proposed Second Edition, ULC/ORD-C924-2009,Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs and Path Markers

Certification_Bulletin_2009-08(ENG)Postponement of the Effective date of the Standard,CAN/ULC-S561-03, First Edition including Amendment 2, Installation and Services for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems

Certification_Bulletin_2009-09(ENG)-S601-07 Fourth Edition of the Standard for Shop Fabricated Steel Aboveground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids, CAN/ULC-S601-07

Certification_Bulletin_2009-10(ENG)-S561Implementation of Amendment 2 of CAN/ULC-S561-03, First Edition, Installation and Services for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems and Application of CAN/ULC-S559-04 – First Edition; Equipment for Fire Signal Receiving Centers and Systems and the effect on the equipment listed to CAN/ULC-S527-M87 Standard for Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems

Certification_Bulletin_2009-11(ENG)-ULC-S533-08 Third Edition of the Egress Door Securing and Releasing Devices CAN/ULC-S533-08

Certification_Bulletin_2009-12(ENG)-ULC-S702-09 Second Edition of the Standard for Mineral Fibre Thermal Insulation for Buildings, CAN/ULC-S702-09

Certification_Bulletin_2009-13(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C140Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C140-1974, Guide for the Investigation of Relocking Devices

Certification_Bulletin_2009-14(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C263.5 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C263.5-1999, Exterior Insulator and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Certification_Bulletin_2009-15(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C268.13Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C268.13-1993, Smoke-Alarms for Mobile Homes Recreational Vehicles

Certification_Bulletin _2009-16(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C393 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C393-1995, Indicating Pressure Gauges for Fire Protection Service

Certification_Bulletin_2009-17(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C488 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C488-1995, Remote Burglar Alarm Signalling Centres

Certification_Bulletin_2009-18(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C501Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C501-2001, Adhesives for Use in Heating and Cooling Appliances to Secure Thermal Insulation Materials

Certification_Bulletin_2009-19(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C644Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C644-1975, Guide for the Investigation of Container Assemblies LP-Gas

Certification_Bulletin_2009-20(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C644A Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C644A-1980, Preliminary Standard for Propane Components, Automotive Type

Certification_Bulletin_2009-21(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C719S Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C719S-1998, Requirements for the Investigation of Stapler Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable Staples

Certification_Bulletin_2009-22(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C752A Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C752A-1975, Guide for the Investigation of Bullet-Resisting Glazing Material

Certification_Bulletin_2009-23(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C779 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C779-1975, Guide for the Investigation of Electrically Conductive Floorings

Certification_Bulletin_2009-24(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C901 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C901-1975, Guide for the Investigation of Tellers’ Lockers

Certification_Bulletin_2009-25(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C996.1 Withdrawal of ULC/ORD-C996.1-2000, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Corrosive Drainage Systems

Certification_Bulletin_2009-27(ENG)-ULC-S548-08 Third Edition of the Standard for Devices And Accessories For Water Type Extinguishing Systems, CAN/ULC-S548-08

Certification_Bulletin_2009-28(ENG)-ULC-S319-05-incl.SOR First Edition of the Standard for Electronic Access Control System, CAN/ULC-S319-05

Certification_Bulletin_2009-28(FRN)-ULC-S319-05-incl.SOR First Edition of the Standard for Electronic Access Control System, CAN/ULC-S319-05

Certification_Bulletin_2009-29(ENG)-ULC-ORD-203A First Draft, Proposed Second Edition, ULC/ORD-C203A, Sway Brace and Restraint Devices for Spinkler System Piping

Certification_Bulletin_2009-30(ENG)-ULC-ORD-C2775 First Draft, Proposed First Edition, ULC/ORD-C2775, Fixed Condensed Aerosol Extinguishing System Units

Certification_Bulletin_2009-31(ENG)-ULC-S101-04 Revisions to Standard CAN/ULC S101 Sample Loading Requirements

Certification_Bulletin_2009-32(ENG)-ULC-S541-07 Request for Comments to Extend the Effective Date for Speakers for Fire Protective Signaling Services

Certification_Bulletin_2009-34(ENG)-ULC-S304-06 Request for Comments to Extend the Effective Date for Central Station and Police Station Connected Alarm Units

Certification_Bulletin_2009-35(ENG)-ULC-S541 Effective Date Extension Announcement Bulletin-CAN/ULC S541