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New mobile App provides installation principles regarding explosive atmospheres for the Hazardous Locations industry.

To facilitate a common understanding of global hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres) for  industry stakeholders, UL’s new mobile App benefits designers, manufacturers, distributors, inspection & regulatory authorities (AHJs), and end-users across oil & gas, chemical, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, offshore, and mining industries. This one comprehensive source for installation principles includes the following attributes:

  • Types of explosive atmospheres
  • Likelihood an explosive atmosphere is present
  • Ignition-related properties of explosive atmospheres
  • Temperature classifications based on maximum surface temperatures
  • Methods of explosion protection regarding electrical and non-electrical risks of ignition
  • Markings required by both standards and by national or regional regulations
  • National, regional and international standards, including a “Find Your StandardTM” feature based on the selection of five simple data points
  • Ingress protection (IP) codes and Type ratings for equipment enclosures
  • Contact options for additional information and questions

Download the HazLoc App for free using iTunes® or Google Play™.


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