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ULC is pleased to announce the release of a new eLearning course, CAN/ULC-S537: The Canadian Standard for Verification of Fire Alarm Systems. This course is intended for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the testing and verification procedures of fire alarm systems in Canada. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the requirements for verification of a fire alarm system outlined in CAN/ULC-S537
  • Describe the testing procedures outlined in CAN/ULC-S537 to confirm the operability of fire alarm system and all of its components
  • Identify verification report forms used to facilitate verification process
  • Identify and describe the verification procedures for system modifications

This course is applicable to multiple roles and levels in an organization, including but not limited to:

  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Fire Alarm Engineers
  • Fire Alarm Manufacturers
  • Fire Alarm Service Companies
  • Fire Alarm Technicians

Over the course of three modules, this training will review key inspection and testing procedures found in the Standard, with a focus on the detailed verification reports found in Appendix C of the Standard itself. The course’s flexible online format gives you the ability to expand your technical knowledge and earn CEU’s at your own convenience!

For more information about the CAN/ULC-S537: The Canadian Standard for Verification of Fire Alarm Systems eLearning course and other available training courses, check out our Knowledge Services Training Catalog.