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ULC is pleased to announce the release of a new eLearning course, CAN/ULC-S537: The Canadian Standard for Verification of Fire Alarm Systems. This course is intended for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the testing and verification procedures of fire alarm systems in Canada. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the requirements for verification of a fire alarm system outlined in CAN/ULC-S537
  • Describe the testing procedures outlined in CAN/ULC-S537 to confirm the operability of fire alarm system and all of its components
  • Identify verification report forms used to facilitate verification process
  • Identify and describe the verification procedures for system modifications

This course is applicable to multiple roles and levels in an organization, including but not limited to:

  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Fire Alarm Engineers
  • Fire Alarm Manufacturers
  • Fire Alarm Service Companies
  • Fire Alarm Technicians

Over the course of three modules, this training will review key inspection and testing procedures found in the Standard, with a focus on the detailed verification reports found in Appendix C of the Standard itself.

Module One
Module One begins with an overview of fire alarm systems and the verification process, defining appropriate documentation as well as the verification procedures for field devices and related circuits, data communication links, control units and transponders, and voice communication systems.

Module Two
Module Two continues by identifying how to verify large scale network systems, power supplies, emergency power supplies, annunciators and sequential displays, remote trouble signal units, printers, and ancillary device circuits.

Module Three
Module Three finishes by examining the verification procedures for a wide variety of field devices, including those with minimum sound pressure requirements.

The course’s flexible online format gives you the ability to expand your technical knowledge and earn CEU’s at your own convenience! Note that this training is intended for those with some familiarity and practical experience with fire alarm systems, fire alarm system components, and the terms used in this industry.

For more information about the CAN/ULC-S537: The Canadian Standard for Verification of Fire Alarm Systems eLearning course and other available training courses, check out our Knowledge Services Training Catalog.