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May 30, 2019 | Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Boiler Society will be holding their 2019 Annual Conference & Golf Tournament at the Royal Woodbine Golf Course in Toronto on Thursday, May 30. Travis Hardin, UL’s Principal Engineer Manager for HVACR, Controls, & Gas Appliances will be speaking about Boiler Assembly Testing, Inspection, & Certification at this event.

Travis’ presentation will cover the following topics:

  • The historical relevance and development of safety standards in North America, as well as international standards, related to boilers
  • The general structure of certifications and how they relate to codes utilized in the field and not the laboratory
  • An overview of the capabilities of the new UL fuel testing laboratory in Toronto
  • The inspection of controls and safety devices in the field and how to identify the applicable usage
  • An overview of the future standards development and new trends entering the market

To find out more details regarding this presentation and the Annual Conference, please visit HERE.