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CSA standard A500-16 specifies the requirements for materials, design, construction, testing and performance of building guards. This one-day course introduces the content of the standard and discusses its impact on the design of building guards based on the principles of post-breakage resistance and on the criteria. The required laboratory tests will be demonstrated on a typical building guard configuration. The purpose of this demonstration will be to aid in understanding the performance and design criteria presented in the theoretical part of the course.

Course Topics

Introduction to the standard
– History
– Application and scope of the standard
– Types of building guards covered by the standard
– Exclusions

– Compliance with the standard
– Loads
– Walls and fenestration serving as building guards
– Analysis and design methods
– Support structure
– Protective surface
– Openings inside and around

Types of glass and conditions of use
– Laminated glass
– Tempered glass
– Rigid spacer
– Distance from floor edge or overhang

Post-breakage requirements

Control tests, Laboratory tests, Anchor and fastener tests, Penetration cone test, Marking, In-situ tests, Fenestration acting as a building guard

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