Who are our members?

ULC Standards Technical Committees are comprised of experts representing users, producers, regulators and general interests.. These experts are volunteers who generously contribute their time and knowledge, and work together with ULC Standards’ staff in order to develop standards. Once a standard is published, the Standards Committee is then responsible to ensure that the standard is reviewed regularly and kept current.

Volunteer committee members are an invaluable part of the Standards Development Process and critical to ULC. In return for their service, volunteers will gain important experience that can aid in their own professional development, as well. They will also meet and share knowledge with others in their field or industry.

Becoming a technical committee member

If you are interested in becoming a member of any ULC Standards Technical Committee(s), or wish to obtain more information on any of our various standards, ULC would be pleased to hear from you.

Interested parties should send an email detailing which committee they are interested in, their area of interest and expertise, as well as a brief background letter or curriculum vitae to: Brian Murphy, Manager Standards at brian.p.murphy@ca.ul.com or call 613-755-2729.

ULC Standards Technical Committees must maintain a balanced membership among the interest categories. Therefore, membership is subject to availability.